Book# 11084

Sobieszek, Robert A. (ed.)

The daguerreotype process. Three treatises, 1840-1849. [Antoine Claudet: Researches on the theory of the principal phenomena of photography in the daguerreotype process (London, 1849); (François Fauvel-Gourand): Description of the daguerreotype process, or a summary of M. Gouraud’s public lectures, according to the principles of M. Daguerre. With a description of a provisionary method for taking human portraits (Boston, 1840); S. D. Humphrey & M. Finley: A system of photography, containing an explicit detail of the whole process of daguerreotype, according to the most approved methods of operating; including all the late valuable improvements (Canandigua, NY, 1849)]. In: The literature of photography.

The Literature of Photography. Advisory Editors: Peter C. Bunnell, Robert A. Sobieszek
Ort   New York, NY
Verlag   Arno Press
Jahr   1973
Einband   OLw.
Medium   Buch, Reprint
ISBN / ISSN   0-405-04889-0

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