Book# 11350

People and ideas: Autobiography of Larry Clark by Ron Horning; SPE (Society for Photographic Education) at twenty-one by John Grimes; Particulars, from the Miller-Plummer Collection by Ann Jarmusch. Images to fuel an empire. Photography in colonial Africa mirrors the dreams and delusions of industrial Europe. Text by Nicolas Monti; “Death Valley to Phoenix to Santa Fe and the Sangre de Christo... Hope you like it. Photographs by Bill Dane. Text by John Fitzgibbon (...); Arizona light. Photographs by William Larson, poem by Eleanor Wilner (...); Song of a century before - photographs by H. H. Bennett, text by David A. Hanson. 19th century photographer and naturalist H. H. Bennett devoted a lifetime to celebrating the consonance of the Wisconsin Dells; Document of a traveller - photographs by Max Yavno. Writing by Mohamed Choukri and D. H. Lawrence. Max Yavno’s travels to Morocco and Mexico result in photographs of visual clarity, acuity, and drama. In: Aperture, no. 94, spring 1984

Society for Photographic Education (SPE).
Aperture; 94.
Ort   New York, NY
Verlag   Aperture, Inc,
Jahr   1984
Einband   pb.
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill.
Medium   Zeitschrift, Einzelheft
ISBN / ISSN   0003-6420; 0-89381-137-8

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