Book# 14167

Riemschneider, Burkhard (ed.)

Wolfgang Tillmans. [Vorwort Simon Whatney].

Ort   Köln et al.
Verlag   Benedikt Taschen
Jahr   1995
Einband   kt.
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill.
Medium   Buch
ISBN / ISSN   3-8228-8853-2


Text dt., engl., fr. - “The photographs of Wolfgang Tillmans (*1968) have been published in major fashion and music magazines since 1990 and exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe and the US. His photos are of political activists, gays and heteros, punks and all who live on society’s borderlines - and any distinction between photography and reportage is irrelevant to them”. (Klappentext).
Photographie 20. Jahrh. Modephotographie Monographie Tillmans, Wolfgang Whatney, Simon 

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