Book# 27840

Noorderlicht X - Global > Detail.

Ort   Rotterdam/ ?
Verlag   Stichting Fotografie Noorderlicht / Stichting Aurora Borealis
Jahr   2003
Einband   hc.
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill.
Medium   Buch, Katalog?


Nur Kurztitelaufnahme 04.2004. - [Text at] 'Global Detail' reports on the decisions that are taken in anonymous Western board rooms and the consequences for daily life in every corner of the world, on the residents of slums and wealthy residential neighbourhoods, looking at the same television images, on the laws of the market and the ideology of consumption, on the freedom (and restrictions) on the movement of people, goods, money and information, on power and powerlessness, and the carpet of logos that is laid over a world full of differences. 'Global Detail' is a kaleidoscopic trip around the world in over 300 photographs, done in the most diverse styles by photographers from different cultures.
25,00 €.
Photographie Anthologie 21. Jahrh. 

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