Book# 32205

Bernhard, John


Verlag   Elite Editions
Jahr   2006
Einband   sc.
Illustration, Ausstattung   208 plates printed as duotones
Medium   Buch
ISBN / ISSN   0-9749022-1-7


„This book is a visual journey, like a musical score, a personal diary, a compilation of images captured from the way John Bernhard sees the world. The readers’ eyes wander from one page to the next through a poetic visual narration from different subject matter and aesthetic sensibilities. Drift sets the mood of the book, a steady continuous movement or development from one thing, one place toward another. All 208 images are meant to be viewed in the chosen order starting from page one. The sensation of drift comes from that order. ,In producing drift, I have attempted to present the book much like a film, engaging the reader in reflection, observation and understanding. I am interested in the connection and the dialog between images.’“ (Publisher’s text).
25.00 $.
Photographie Monographie 21. Jahrh. 

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