Book# 34239

[Paviot, Alain (ed.)]

Eugène Atget. Paris: 1900-1925.

Ausstellungskatalog, Paris, La Galerie Octant, 03.03.-30.04.1986.
Ort   Paris
Jahr   1986
Auflage   Limited edition, 110 copies , plus ten copies reserved for the editor
Einband   Two parts catalogue in cb. portfolio
Illustration, Ausstattung   b&w reproductions
Medium   Katalog


Text fr., partially engl. - As title on the portfolio cover Paviot uses the same type of embossed typography as has been previously used in the 1930 Joncquières edition.
Photographie 20. Jahrh. France, Frankreich Stadtansichten, Paris Monographie Atget, Eugène 

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