Book# 35499

Holmes, Charles (ed.; 1848-1923)

Art in photography. With selected examples of European and American work. [Essays: Artistic Photography in Great Britain. By Clive Holland. The Development of Photography in the United States. By Charles H. Caffin. Some Notes upon Pictorial School and Its Leaders in France. By Clive Holland. Pictorial Photography in Austria and Germany. By A. Horsley Hinton. Artistic Photography in Italy. By Dr. Enrico Thovez. Translated by Edgar Preston. Pictorial Photography in Belgium. By Clive Holland].

The Studio. An illustrated magazine of fine and applied art; Special number, summer 1905.
Ort   London, Paris & New York
Verlag   Offices of „The Studio“
Jahr   1905
Auflage   first edition
Einband   Contemporary half calf with top edge gilt and gilt stamped titlepiece
Illustration, Ausstattung   with 112 plates (74 with mounted prints)
Medium   Buch, Zeitschrift, Sonderheft


Text engl. - Contains 6 sections: British, American, French, German, Italian, Belgian photography. Illustrated with 112 tipped-in reproductions by many noted photographers. The plates show photographs by David Octavius Hill, Alfred Horsley Hinton, Eustace Calland, Frederick Hollyer, George Davison, Alexander Keighley, James Craig Annan, Reginald Craigie, Graystone Bird, J. Cruwys Richards, Clarence Hudson White, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Gertrude Käsebier, Alfred Stieglitz, Eduard J. Steichen, Eva Watson-Schütze, Celine Laguarde, Constant Puyo, Robert Demachy, Pierre Dubreuil, Rene Le Begue, Paul Bergon, Oskar Hofmeister, Hugo Erfurth and others
Auct. Swann Photographic Litertaure & Photographs, sale 2166, lot 122, New York, NY, 12 Dec. 2008, estimate: 300-450 $.
Photographie 20. Jahrh. Anthologie Stieglitz, Alfred Coburn, Alvin Langdon Demachy, Robert Erfurth, Hugo Käsebier, Gertrude Hill, David Octavius White, Clarence Hudson Piktorialismus, pictorialism Calland, Eustace Keighley, Alexander Craigie, Reginald Annan, James Craig Hofmeister, Oskar Watson-Schütze, Eva Bergon, Paul Davison, George Dubreuil, Pierre Caffin, Charles Henry (1854-1918) Thovez, Enrico Preston, Edgar Holland, Clive Hinton, A. Horsley (Alfred Horsley; 1863-1908) Hollyer, Frederick Bird, Graystone Richards, J. Cruwys Steichen, Eduard J. Laguarde, Celine Puyo, Constant Begue, Rene Le 

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