Book# 36801

Olivares, Rosa

100 Video Artists/ 100 videoartistas. [Text Christine Van Assche, David A. Ross et al.].

Ort   Madrid
Verlag   Exit Publications with the collaboration of the Fundación ICO
Jahr   2010
Illustration, Ausstattung   600 color ill.
Medium   Buch


Text engl., span. - Orders: „100 Video Artists is a bold commitment to the medium that was born just 50 years ago, and which has become the most distinctive visual language of the 21st century. A hundred of the most significant and innovative video artists working today, of every generation, from the pioneers who began to develop this medium to young experimental creators. Video is a new and changing form of visual expression, on the crossroads of film, television, photography and action, between conceptual art, social criticism and the documentary. 100 Video Artists is a book which includes essays by two prominent specialists in the history of video art and current international video creation (David A. Ross and Christine Van Assche). The 100 artists each have a text devoted to their practice, written by an expert on contemporary art, illustrated with images of some of their most important videos (selected by the artists themselves). The majority of the artists chose the critic or theorist who wrote their essay. Authors from the whole world and from every sphere have taken part in this landmark publication which establishes a starting point for the study and analysis of video art today. 100 Video Artists is the first publication to approach the subject at this international level: 100 artists of 36 nationalities and 85 authors from 19 countries have come together to participate in an innovative and independent project, far from the trends presented by collections, museums and the market. A work made up exclusively of visual creation and specialised criticism. The main text authors are: Christine Van Assche is Head Curator at the Centre Georges Pompidou, in charge of the New Media department. She has curated numerous exhibitions as well as thematic shows such as La Vidéo, un art, une histoire. David A. Ross has a 38 year career as a museum professional, educator and arts entrepreneur. He directed the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (1982-90), the Whitney Museum, New York (1991-98), and SFMoMA, San Francisco (1998-2001). Ross has lectured at various universities across the U.S., and has served as juror and commissioner at a broad range of international exhibitions, including the Venice Biennial and the Carnegie International.(Publisher’s text).
50.00 €.
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