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The centenary of photography. [Joint meeting with the Royal Photographic Society, Wednesday, 17th May, 1939]. In: Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, no. 4518, June 23rd, 1939, vol. LXXXVII.

Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, no. 4518, June 23rd, 1939, vol. LXXXVII.
Ort   London
Verlag   The Royal Society of Arts
Jahr   1939
Einband   stapled
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill.
Medium   Zeitschriftenbeitrag, Sonderdruck


Text engl. - Incl. some single contributions, e.g. an introduction by Olaf F. Bloch; „Early associations of the Society of Arts with photography“ by Peter Le Neve Foster; „The life and personality of Fox Talbot“ (by Miss M. T. Talbot); „The origins of the Photographic Society“ (by Dudley J. Johnston); „Some early photographic processes“ (by A. J. Bull, on Talbot’s photogenic drawing process, and Archer’s wet collodion process), plus several appendices.
Photographie England Photographiegeschichte 19. Jahrh. Bloch, Olaf F. Foster, Peter Le Neve Talbot, M. T. Talbot, William henry Fox Johnston, Dudley J. 

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