Book# 40571

Cooper, Thompson (1837-1904)

Men of mark. A gallery of contemporary portraits of men distinguished in the senate, the church, in science, literature and art, the army, navy, law, medicine, etc., photographed from life by Lock and Whitfield and other eminent photographers, with brief biographical notices by Thompson Cooper, F.S.A. Fourth series.

Ort   London
Verlag   Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington
Illustration, Ausstattung   37 woodburytype plates
Medium   Buch, mit Woodburytypien illustriert


Text engl. Nebeneintrag. - The names listed under „keywords“ are those of the portrayed, in most cases using Cooper’s headlines.
Photographie England 19. Jahrh. Portraitphotographie Monographie Reproduktionstechnik, Woodburytype Lock, Samuel Robert (1822-1881) Whitfield, George Carpe (1833-1917) His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Germany [Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl von Hohenzollern; in 1888 Friedrich III, German Emperor; 1831-1888], frontispiece The Right Hon. Richard Assheton Cross, M.P., Secretary of State for the Home Department [1st Viscount Cross; 1823-1914], pl. 1 The Right Rev. Edward White Benson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Truro [1829-1896], pl. 2 William Gifford Palgrave [F.R.G.S, RAS; 1826-1888], pl. 3 The Very Reverend Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., F.R.S., Dean of Westminster [1815-1881], pl. 4 The Hon. Sir John Mellor, Judge of the High Court of Justice [1809-1887], pl. 5 John Hall Gladstone, Esq., Ph.D., F.R.S., President of the Chemical Society [1827-1902], pl. 6 The Reverend Joseph Barber Lightfoot, D.D., Bishop Designate of Durham [1828-1889], pl. 7 Sir Samuel White Baker, M.A., F.R.S., F.R.S.A., F.R.G.S., African Explorer [1821-1893], pl. 8 Erskine Nicol, Esq., A.R.A. [1825-1904], pl. 9 James Russell Woodford, D.D., Bishop of Ely [1820-1885], pl. 10 The Right Hon. Sir Fitz-Roy [Fitzroy] Edward Kelly, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer [1796-1880], pl. 11 Edward Frankland, D.C.L., Ph.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Royal School of Mines [1825-1899], pl. 12 Sir Charles Reed, LL.D., F.S.A., Chairman of the London School Board [1819-1881], pl. 13 Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle [1834-1892], pl. 14 The Right Hon. Sir William Milbourne James, Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal [1807-1881], pl. 15 The Right Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, D.D., Bishop of Bath and Wells [1808-1894], pl. 16 Edward John Poynter, Esq., Royal Academician [1836-1919], pl. 17 Kuo Sung-Tao [Kuo Tajen; Guo Songtao], First Chinese Envoy to Great Britain [1818-1891], pl. 18 The Right Hon. Lord Penzance, Judge of the Court of Arches [James Plaisted Wilde, 1st Baron Penzance; 1816-1899], pl. 19 Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe-Owen, K.C.M.G., C.B., Director of the South Kensington Museum [1828-1894], pl. 20 William Powell Frith, Esq., Royal Academician [1819-1909], pl. 21 Henry Morton Stanley, Esq., African Explorer [1840 (correct: 1841)-1904], pl. 22 The Right Hon. Lord Augustus Loftus, G.C.B., Governor of New South Wales [Augustus William Frederick Spencer; 1817-1904], pl. 23 Walter William Ouless, Esq. A.R.A., Portrait Painter [1848-1933], pl. 24 Thomas Henry Huxley, LL.D., Ph.D., F.R.S., Professor of Natural History in the Royal School of Mines [1825-1895], pl. 25 The Hon. Sir Henry Manisty, Judge of the High Court of Justice [1808-1890], pl. 26 [Myles] Birket [Birkett] Foster, Member of the Water-Colour Society [1825-1899], pl. 27 The Right Hon. Alfred Henry Thesiger, Lord Justice of Appeal [1838-1880], pl. 28 William Bowman, F.R.S. [1st Baronet; 1816-1892], pl. 29 Thomas Faed, R.A. [1826-1900], pl. 30 The Hon. Sir Anthony Cleasby, Judge of the High Court of Justice [1804-1879], pl. 31 James Clark [Clarke] Hook, R.A. [1819-1907], pl. 32 The Right Hon. Sir Robert Porrett Collier [1st Baron Monkswell], Judge of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council [1817-1886], pl. 33 The Right Honourable The [4th] Earl of Carnarvon, [Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert], President of the Society of Antiquaries [1831-1890], pl. 34 Thomas Hughes, Q.C. [1823 (?1822)-1896], pl. 35 The Very Rev. Edward Meyrick Goulburn, D.D., Dean of Norwich [1818-1897], pl. 36 

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