Book# 4328

Abbott, Berenice

New York in the thirties (formerly titled Changing New York) as photographed by Berenice Abbott. Text by Elizabeth McCausland.

Ort   New York, NY
Verlag   Dover Publications, Inc.
Jahr   1973
Einband   sc.
Illustration, Ausstattung   97 bw photographs
Medium   Buch
ISBN / ISSN   0-486-22967-X


Text engl. - Other edition: First edition: New York 1993. First Dover edition 1973. - Dover editions are often not marked with their year of publication; only the date of the first edition is mentioned, and younger editions may be discovered by the higher price mark on the book’s back.
7.50 $ (1973?). - 11.95 $ (nach 1973?).
Photographie 20. Jahrh. Stadtansichten, New York Monographie USA, New York McCausland, Elizabeth 

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