Book# 43713

[Jordan, Killian (ed.)]

The way we were. Decades of the twentieth century. A photographic journey through America’s last hundred years.

Ort   Des Moines, Iowa
Verlag   Life Books
Jahr   1999
Einband   paper
Medium   magazine
ISBN / ISSN   0-8212-2634-7


Text engl. - Other editions: Severals editions, e.g. hc., etc. - "The editors of LIFE have compiled a history of the 20th century through the photographs of people and events that changed our times. Each decade will be covered in 12 to 14 pages that recap both the momentous events that shaped the world as well as the private lives of Americans who were affected by these events and who represent the nation's progress through the past century. Snapshots showcase one person who represents the ordinary, unsung member of society (i.e. Teacher (1970's); Factory worker (1920's)) and offers comparative income, life expectancy etc. through the century and up to the present. A three page gate fold on the back endpaper provides a quick reference of the century's highlights and significant events. LIFE: The Way We Were honors our heroes, hisses at our villains, and celebrates the backbone of our glorious country: those individuals whose good spirit and simple decency stands for the very best that our nation offers." (Goodreads website, seen 02.2018).
Photographie 20. Jahrh. USA Anthologie Zeitgeschichte 

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