Book# 4807

Berg, Paul K.

Nineteenth century photographic cases and wall frames.

Ort   Huntington Beach, Ca.
Verlag   Huntington Valley Press
Jahr   1995
Einband   pb.
Illustration, Ausstattung   ill.
Medium   Buch, Nachschlagewerk


"The most complete catalog of photographic cases, wall frames and collar boxes yet published. To more than 760 known Union cases are added 300 new... In all, there are over 1200 illustrations and descriptions... In addition to the chapters devoted to thermoplastic cases we have added six chapters illustrating cases which previously received scant attention: they include mother of pearl, hand painted, tortoise, shell, velvet, wood, metal and leather/paper covered cases" (advertising text).
Cat. Literature on Photography, no. 49. New York: Pajerski 1999, p. 1: 60.00 $.
Photographie USA 19. Jahrh. Daguerreotypie, daguerreotypes Ambrotypie, ambrotype Präsentation "cased images" 

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