Iraq, Irak

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New York, NY
Umbrage Editions
128 p.
hb. with dustjacket
color photographs
Société française de Photographie
1270-9050; 2-911961-15-3
Text fr. - On the amateur “trophy” photographs documenting mistreatements of Iraqis by US Army members in Abu Ghraib prison, Bagdad, 2004. - Nebeneintrag.
Nur Kurztitelaufnahme 12.2004.
Hasso Bros.
gilt-lettered stamped boards
Handsomely illustrated with sepia reproductions of the people and topography of Iraq; with printed captions, in English, below each image. This album of 73 photographs of Iraq from the early twentieth century was published by the Hasso Brothers in Baghdad and printed by Rotophot A.G. in Berlin. The photographs have been attributed to A. Kerim. Incl. also some images of an ethnographic nature. The text is of a sometimes questionable, Orientalist-slanted terminology. See also: - Nur Kurztitelaufnahme 06.2006.
34 S.
geb. in Schuber, mit in die Bindung eingeklebter Plastiktasche
mit 21 Dias in Papprähmchen
Buch mit Diaserie
Text dt. - „Mit Abnahme der Serie verpflichtet sich der Käufer, die Diapositive ausschließlich zu Vorführungen zu verwenden. Jegliche Reproduktion ist untersagt! - Die Diapositive der vorliegenden Serie sind nach den Origlanaufnahmen zu dem Band Mesopotamien aus der internationalen, vierzigbändigen Weltgeschichte der Kunst des Holle-Verlags hergestellt.“ (S. 4). - Jedes der Dias ist im Text ausführlich beschrieben und kann daher leicht zu Vorträgen benutzt werden.
Daylight Magazine; no. 2.
Hillsborough, NC
Zeitschrift, Themenheft
Text engl. - Nur Kurztitelaufnahme 04.2013. - „Featuring portfolios by: Samantha Appleton, Sean Hemmerle, Roger Hutchings, Bruno Stevens, Susan Meiselas, Sheryl Mendez, Daniel Pepper and an essay by Amir Hassanpour. In this issue of Daylight Magazine, Iraq is presented from a number of perspectives. As individuals living far from the front lines, images we foreigners see on television and in newspapers define our perception of the current situation in Iraq. For many of us, this is an armchair war consisting of images released by corporate-controlled media conglomerates and government censors with undeniable agendas. This issue of Daylight presents the work of photographers who have spent time in Iraq working to present their audience with an individual perspective of the region. What a photographer chooses to capture reflects a personal interest or desire to share a very specific moment with the universal spectrum of potential viewers. Susan Meiselas' images of the Kurdish mass graves in southern Iraq came to light ten years ago when the burial sites were exposed to the world. These images have gained contemporary relevance as they are once again being reproduced and reviewed as evidence in the current legal case against Saddam Hussein. Sean Hemmerle's photographs concentrate on landscapes of war-damaged Baghdad. Also featured in the issue is the first appearance of the self-representative photographic project 'Iraq from Within' which later became the travelling exhibition 'Photographs by Iraqi Civilians, 2004'.“ (www.; 04.2013).
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