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Coracle Press
s. p. [75 p.]
Text engl. - Portraits of William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Louis Zukofsky, Basil Bunting, Mina Loy, Herbert Read, Denise Levertov, Kenneth Rexroth, Thomas Merton, Edward Dahlberg, Charles Olson, Paul Metcalf, Guy Davenport, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Allen Ginsberg, Gael Turnbull, Christopher Logue, Nathaniel Tarn, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Aaron Siskind, Minor White, David Hockney, R. B. Kitaj, Claes Oldenburg, John Furnival, Joe Tilson, James Mcgarrell, The Hon. Dorothy Brett, Carl Ruggles, John Jacob Niles.
New York, NY
Text engl.
Ausstellungskatalog, San Francisco, CA, Fraenkel Gallery, 2011.
San Francisco, CA
Fraenkel Galery
first edition
38 p.
978-12-881337-2924; 1881337294
Text engl. - "Between 2008 and 2010, photographer Katy Grannan roamed the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco, making portraits of strangers whom many of us might unattentively pass by; people whose faces, bodies, clothing and gestures comprise the subject of this magnificent oversize, slipcased monograph from Fraenkel Gallery and Salon 94. Grannan characterizes what attracts her in these subjects as "a combination of personality, spirit and their actual, physical being." Grannan photographed her subjects in front of the white stucco walls so readily found in California, preferring a strong midday light which transforms her city streets into outdoor studios. The light in these photographs is thus both precise and indiscriminate, describing in high-pitched detail Grannan's hustlers, dreamers, outcasts, addicts and beauty queens, and delivering a powerful atmosphere of both defiant optimism and great hardship. "I want all of it to exist, messily and awkwardly, in the photographs," she has said. Reviewing Fraenkel Gallery's 2011 exhibition of these 38 photographs for The Huffington Post, Julie Henson described them as "teeming with information about class, race, gender and community in the simplest terms." (www.amazon.de/Katy-Grannan-Boulevard/dp/1881337294; seen 02.2018).
Washington D.C.
Smithsonian Books
hb. in dustjacket
Text engl.
Powerhouse Books
136 p.
hc. in dustjacket
200 duotone photographs
Text engl. - Age of Silver is iconic American photographer John Loengard’s ode to the art form to which he dedicated his life. Loengard, a longtime staff photographer and editor for LIFE magazine and other publications, spent years documenting modern life for the benefit of the American public. Over the years he trained his camera on dignitaries, artists, athletes, intellectuals, blue and whitecollar workers, urban and natural landscapes, man-made objects, and people of all types engaged in the act of living. In Age of Silver, Loengard has focused on of some of the most important photographers of the last half-century, including Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Richard Avedon, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Harry Benson, and many, many others. Loengard caught them at home and in the studio; posed portraits and candid shots of the artists at work and at rest. - Complimenting these revealing, expertly composed portraits are elegant photographs of the artists holding their favorite or most revered negatives. This extra dimension to the project offers an inside peek at the artistic process and is a stark reminder of the physicality of the photographic practice at a time before the current wave of digital dominance. There is no more honest or faithful reproduction of life existent in the world of image making than original, untouched silver negatives. - Far from an attempt to put forth a singular definition of modern photographic practice, this beautifully printed, duotone monograph instead presents evidence of the unique vision and extremely personal style of every artist pictured. Annie Leibovitz is quoted in her caption as once saying, “I am always perplexed when people say that a photograph has captured someone. A photograph is just a piece of them in a moment. It seems presumptuous to think you can get more than that.” However, by including not just portraits of the artists, but also of their negatives Loengard aims to capture something more than just a piece of each of photography’s greats with Age of Silver. (Publisher's text; seen 02.2018).
New York
first edition
Text engl. - Bad Behavior is a radical new approach to portraiture. Rather than photographing his subjects posed in front of standard, neutral paper backdrop, photographer Bill Hayward boldly invites them to transform the backdrop in any way they choose. Armed with scissors, brush, and paint, the subjects take over, creating fascinating, often amusing, and always revealing portraits. Some use the backdrop to paint portraits, some create landscapes, some write words or phrases, while others create entire stories. Many choose to transform not only the backdrop, but themselves - removing their clothes and/or painting their bodies in the process. - Hayward's subjects are luminaries in a variety of creative fields: painters, actors, directors, dancers, writers, musicians, and poets. Among these are several well-known figures, such as actors Willem Dafoe and Mary Beth Hurt, poets Sharon Olds and Gerald Stern, artists Nancy Spero and Leon Golub, writer Michael Cunningham, musician Michael Feinstein, the late author and actor Quentin Crisp, and comedian Al Franken. With anecdotes revealing what went on behind the scenes and an illuminating foreword by art writer and critic Carter Ratcliff, Bad Behavior is a fascinating and important new form of portraiture and a tribute to the creative spirit.
Boston, Mass.
New York Graphic Society/ Little, Brown & Co.
160 p.
hc. in dustjacket
Text engl. - Other ed.: Southampton 1984.
New York, NY
200 p.
hb. in dustjacket
Text engl. - Other edition: London: Gordon Fraser 1975.
Madrid/ Heidelberg, Berlin
Fundación Mapfre - TF Editores/ Kehrer
267 S.
Text dt.
New York, NY, London
Princeton University Press
264 p.
0691151326; 978-0691151328
Text engl. - The birth of photography coincided with the expansion of European imperialism in the Middle East, and some of the medium's earliest images are Orientalist pictures taken by Europeans in such places as Cairo and Jerusalem - photographs that have long shaped and distorted the Western visual imagination of the region. But the Middle East had many of its own photographers, collectors, and patrons. In this book, Stephen Sheehi presents a groundbreaking new account of early photography in the Arab world. - The Arab Imago concentrates primarily on studio portraits by Arab and Armenian photographers in the late Ottoman Empire. Examining previously known studios such as Abdullah Frères, Pascal Sébah, Garabed Krikorian, and Khalil Raad, the book also provides the first account of other pioneers such as Georges and Louis Saboungi, the Kova Brothers, Muhammad Sadiq Bey, and Ibrahim Rif'at Pasha - as well as the first detailed look at early photographs of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. In addition, the book explores indigenous photography manuals and albums, newspapers, scientific journals, and fiction. - Featuring extensive previously unpublished images, The Arab Imago shows how native photography played an essential role in the creation of modern Arab societies in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon before the First World War. At the same time, the book overturns Eurocentric and Orientalist understandings of indigenous photography and challenges previous histories of the medium.“ (www.amazon.com/Arab-Imago-Portrait-Photography-1860-1910/dp/0691151326/ref=pd_sim_14_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0691151326&pd_rd_r=KXAHAG13FP975WM472B8&pd_rd_w=0Ujd4&pd_rd_wg=LvCgS&psc=1&refRID=KXAHAG13FP975WM472B8; seen 07.03.2018).
zu Klampen Verlag
256 S.
40 sw Photographien
Text dt. - Prominentenportraits (“Loriot“; Marcel Marceau, Helmut Schmidt, Ernst Jünger, Eduard Schewardnadse usw.) mit beschreibenden Kommentar über die Portraitierten.
München et al.
152 S.
geb. in ill. OSchU
124 Tafeln in Farbe und Duotone
Text dt. - Druch EBS, Verona.
Regina Maria Anzenberger Agency
16 p.
color photographs
Text dt. - New York and Vienna portraits.
s. l. [Graz]
s. p. [16 S.]
Klappbroschur, geheftet
sw Photographien
Text dt.
Ausstellungskatalog, Vandoeuvre, Galerie Robert Doisneau, 01.1992.
Galerie Robert Doisneau
s. p. (16 p.)
bw photographs
Text fr. - Mounted original photograph (reproduction) inside.
Atlantis. Länder, Völker, Reisen. Nr. 6, Juni 1964 (36 Jg.). Hg. Martin Hürlimann. Red. Charles Hummel.
Freiburg im Breisgau
Atlantis Verlag
i-viii, 299-354
ill., zumeist Tiefdruckabb.
Zeitschrift, Einzelheft, Themenheft
Text dt. - Mit Text- und Abbildungsteil „Staatenlenker von heute. 125 Porträts.“ Dies sind zumeist unbezeichnete Agenturaufnahmen.
Atlantis. Länder, Völker, Reisen. Nr. 9, September 1935 (7. Jg.). Hg. Martin Hürlimann.
Leipzig/ Zürich
Bibliographisches Institut AG/ Atlantis-Verlag
i-xii, 513-576
sw Photographien, teilw.Tiefdruckabb.
Zeitschrift, Einzelheft
Text dt. - S. 528-544: „Bei den Völkern Hinterindiens. Aufnahmen von Dr. Martin Hürlimann“ (Tiefdruckabb.).
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