Ziff, Trisha

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Luna Córnea; no. 11, 1997. Dir. Pablo Ortiz Monasterio.
México, DF
Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las artes, Centro de la imagen
191 p.
b&w ill.
Zeitschrift, Einzelheft
Text span, engl. summaries. - Incl. essays on the Cambodian Khmer Rouge killing fields portraits; on the 1978 revolution in Iran; on the civil wars in former Jugoslavia; on civil war in Northern Ireland; on civil war in Africa (Ethiopia, Sudan, Ruanda, Kenia) 1992-1994; on the cultural revolution in Brasil after the proclamation of the Republic in 1889; on provacative art and public reaction in Mexico; on various issues of censorship; et al.
Heidelberg, Berlin
1. Aufl.
184 S.
geb. in (dopplseitig bedruckten und wendbarem) ill. OSchU
sw und Farbphotographien
Text dt. - Andere Ausgabe: Engl. edition: New York: Aperture 2012.
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