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Archive. National Museum of Photography Film & [and] Television. February 2004. [Preface Tony Sweeney. - Russell Roberts: Taking stock. Jane Fletcher: Treasures. Patrick Henry: Luc Delahaye, photographs. Colin Harding: Photographing war. Mark Durden: Evidence & excess. Gilles Peress and James Nachtwey. Carol Mavor: Photographs are fairyish. Marina Warner: In the minds eye. Thought-pictures and etheral presences in the photography of Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79). Biographies and forthcoming exhibitions].

National Museum of Photography Film & [and] Television (NMPFT).
Archive; February 2004.
Ort   Bradford
Verlag   National Museum of Photography Film & [and] Television.
Jahr   2004
Einband   stapled
Illustration, Ausstattung   b&w and color ill.
Medium   Zeitschrift, Einzelheft


Fletecher’s text is on an early Jersey calotypist, William Collie, whose portrait work was presented in an RPS-owned album. The RPS collection has been taken over by the NMPFT in 2003. - Mavor’s essay is on the Cottingley fairies, a childrens’ hoax taken for true by many spiritistically inclined adults including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle around 1917 and after.
Photographie 20. Jahrh. Anthologie Kriegsphotographie 19. Jahrh. Portraitphotographie Cameron, Julia Margaret 21. Jahrh. “Geisterphotographie” Nachtwey, James Peress, Gilles Warner, Marina Delahaye, Luc Sweeney, Tony Roberts, Russell Fletcher, Jane Henry, Patrick Harding, Colin Durden, Mark Mavor, Carol Collie, William (1810-1896) Wright, Elsie (1901-1988) Griffiths, Frances (1907-1986) 

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